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Monksbridge BMW specialists fix steering rack issue & save our Sheffield customer ££s

Have you been stung in the past with a ‘fix’ on your BMW that didn’t last? Or encouraged to replace a whole part, instead of getting a simple repair? Then like our recent client, Rachel, you need a bespoke BMW service for your car repairs and maintenance. Monksbridge Garage is the leading BMW specialist in Sheffield, home to expert technicians promising a first-time fix and a great service guarantee.

Our highly trained mechanics provide an efficient and transparent service for all manual and automatic BMWs. As BMW whizzes, we’re determined to save you time and money, provide great expertise, and offer a straightforward service for your convenience.

Let us tell you about Rachel’s story.

BMW Specialist Sheffield

A fixable fault

We see many customers, like Rachel, who come to us with a problem they think will cost them an arm and a leg to fix. Rachel came to Monksbridge BMW specialist in Sheffield when she began hearing an annoying sound coming from the front of her car. She’d been told by another garage that she needed a whole new steering rack. So, she decided to seek out a local specialist for her BMW in Sheffield.

And it wasn’t long after Rachel’s arrival that we knew there was more we could do – with less hassle, and for a better deal.

 A service which saves money

After providing a free health check, we confirmed the fault was indeed with the steering rack. However, as BMW specialists we also knew there was a genuine repair kit available which would allow us to fix the component, rather than having to replace it. This saved Rachel an immense amount of money – in fact, our whole service cost Rachel just 10% of the price compared to an unnecessary steering rack replacement.

So, what’s the lesson here?

When you choose Monksbridge Garage, you’re safe in the knowledge that you’re getting the best service for your BMW in Sheffield or  BMW in Rotherham, at the lowest price. You’ll never be hit with hidden fees, and you’ll never be subjected to extra repairs that you simply don’t need.

What are the other benefits of choosing a local BMW specialist in Sheffield?

Specialist expertise in Sheffield

There’s a common misconception that only BMW dealerships can service your BMW professionally. So, why choose Monksbridge BMW specialist Sheffield?

Well, when we say we’re BMW experts and enthusiasts, we mean it.

We’ve been servicing BMWs since the 1960s. Our garage is headed by Craig Hewison, voted one of Top Technician’s ‘Top 10 Technicians in the Country’ in 2018 and 2019. We get real serious about our service – but we’re honest, friendly chaps who want to help you get the most out of your BMW.

What’s more, we’re equipped with top-rate industry facilities and BMW manufacturer parts, so you always receive genuine BMW replacements where needed. No knockoffs, no cutting corners. Just highly trained technicians, giving you market-leading services, at local prices.

 Convenience doesn’t cost

We’re a premium independent garage, offering high-quality services to the local people of Dinnington, Rotherham, and Sheffield. Our customers choose us because they know we always put them first: we treat your car like it’s our own, and we leave no nut, bolt, or part untouched in our care.

Why head to a dealership 20 miles away? With Monksbridge Garage, you get BMW expertise right on your doorstep. We’re committed to maintaining high-quality service, putting decades of experience into every car we care for. There’s a reason we’ve been the longest-serving independent garage in the community. We’re an independent garage you can trust.

Monksbridge Garage – the premium local BMW specialist in Sheffield.

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