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Car repair air conditioning at Monksbridge Garage Dinnington

Why is my car air con so important?

Your car air conditioning system is the unsung hero of your car. It does much more than just keep you cool or warm.

It’s often central in keeping your car’s drivetrain at the correct temperature. Without an optimal air con system, you could find problems cropping up throughout your vehicle.  So, keeping it in tip-top shape all year round is essential.

Because your air con is so important, we’ll happily check your system for free. Get in touch!

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What’s an air con service?

It’s a thorough inspection of your entire air conditioning system.

As well as performing a visual inspection, we’ll operate your system using specialist equipment to check control switches, system pressure switches, thermostats, blower motor and the compressor clutch. We’ll also check the temperature of your condenser when the system is in operation to make sure nothing is at risk of overheating.

And, to make sure your systems in tip top condition we’ll also replace your refrigerant.

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My car air conditioning blows warm air. Can you fix this?

Absolutely! Our family-run team is led by one of the top technicians in the country, and we only use the most advanced tooling. So, we’re perfectly set up to provide the best care for your vehicle’s air conditioning.

Pop in and we’ll get it fixed for you.

Why Monksbridge Garage?

Not only are we more affordable, reliable and led by one of the top 10 technicians in the country, but we will also ensure your car air conditioning system is fully functioning, keeping you cool during the hot summers and warm during the winters.

If you’re after the most highly trained mechanics and want a garage that’s convenient to Dinnington, Thurcroft, Laughton, North Anston,  South Anston and the surrounding areas, Monksbridge Garage is ideal.

As Yorkshiremen, we believe in an honest, affordable, hardworking service every time. That’s what you get at Monksbridge.

Free Vehicle collection at Monksbridge Garage

Free Vehicle Collection

If you can’t get your vehicle to us, we’ll pick it up and drop it off once we’re done, as part of our free collection service. No problem!

Finance Options Available

Where required, we’ve got some fantastic payment plan options available to help you spread the cost. Just ask the team when you book in.

Free Courtesy Car

If you need a courtesy car while your vehicle is being serviced or repaired, our fleet of free courtesy cars is available to you.

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Get in touch to discover more about Monksbridge Garage air conditioning and re-gas services.

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