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If you’re suffering from a potential car exhaust problem and can do without the hassle, our team of mechanics can help you out.

Identifying corrosions, cracks, leaky joints or worn mountings early on can help you save a lot of money.

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Car repair exhausts at Monksbridge Garage
Free Vehicle collection at Monksbridge Garage

What Our Customers Say About Monksbridge Garage

Failed an emissions test?

If you’ve failed an emissions test, it could have something to do with your exhaust. But, don’t worry.

Our team of top technicians have the skills and equipment to diagnose the challenge and get you back on the road in no time.

Car exhaust emissions test at Monksbridge Garage

Why Monksbridge Garage?

Well, not only do you get a free exhaust check but if any work is required, our family-run team can get you back on the road for a really affordable price. So, you don’t need to worry about the if, buts or maybes. And, we only ever stock high-quality parts with 12-month guarantees to give you peace of mind.

Plus, if you’re from Dinnington, Thurcroft, Laughton, North Anston,  South Anston or the surrounding areas, we’re super convenient too.

Free Vehicle collection at Monksbridge Garage

Free Vehicle Collection

If you can’t get your vehicle to us, we’ll pick it up and drop it off once we’re done, as part of our free collection service. No problem!

Finance Options Available

Car exhaust problems never rear their head at the perfect time, so we’ve got flexible payment plans to help you out. Just ask the team when you book in.

Free Courtesy Car

If your car has to stay with us, we’ll make sure you have a free courtesy car to keep you on the road. Just ask the team when you book in.

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For all your exhaust requirements, bring it to Monksbridge Garage.

No extra fees. No interest. No catch.

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