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MOT Dinnington

If you want an affordable MOT in Dinnington, performed by one of the country’s top technicians, Monksbridge’s contemporary, family-run garage is for you; a reliable MOT every time.

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MOT at Monksbridge Garage


What Our Customers Say About Monksbridge Garage

What is an MOT?

An MOT is a compulsory annual health check. It determines whether your vehicle meets roadworthiness and emissions standards or not.

All cars over 3 years old must have an MOT. If yours doesn’t, you could face invalid insurance and a 4-figure fine.

What is an MOT? Monksbridge Garage

What’s the difference between an MOT and a service?

Your MOT is mandatory. It’s a must. However, it does only focus on your car’s health at the time of the MOT. And, it doesn’t report on your engine or gearbox.

That’s why regular servicing is so important. Not only does it extensively inspect every aspect of your car, ensuring your family stay safe while on the road, but it keeps your car in great condition and promotes longevity too.

MOT Due Date Monksbridge Garage

When is my MOT due?

Your MOT is due annually.  However, after visiting Monksbridge Garage for your MOT, we’ll send you a friendly reminder 4 weeks before your next one is due. We like to make things easy for you.

Can i book in early? Monksbridge Garage

Can I book in early?

If you’re organised and want to get your MOT out the way, that’s no problem. Did you know that you can bring your vehicle in one month in advance without facing any penalties?

Keeping you informed!

At Monksbridge, you’ll always be kept up to date with what’s going on with your vehicle. After all, as hardworking, community-minded Yorkshiremen who believe in an open, honest MOT every time, we believe it’s only right.

That’s why after your initial vehicle assessment, we’ll discuss with you any potential repairs that may be needed prior to issuing your MOT. And, 99% of the time, we can perform those repairs there and then for you.

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Why Monksbridge Garage?

If you want to save money, but not skimp on reliability or quality, we’re the local garage you need. 

Our highly trained team, led by one of Top Technician’s top 10 technicians in the country, are some of the most skilled mechanics in Yorkshire. So, you’re guaranteed the best.

Plus,  we promise no long waiting lists. We take the stress out of your MOT.

Free Vehicle collection at Monksbridge Garage

Free Vehicle Collection

If you can’t get your vehicle to us, we’ll pick it up and drop it off once we’re done, as part of our free collection service. No problem!

Finance Options Available

We’ve got some fantastic payment plan options available to help you spread the cost. Just ask the team when you book in.

Free Courtesy Car

If you need a courtesy car while your vehicle is being serviced, our fleet of free courtesy cars is available to you.

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We have spaces available. Book your Dinnington MOT today.

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